For frothy drinks, many baristas attempt to do some kind of art whom may succeed.

We bring you 99% success with our Ripple Maker! We coined the term, HIGH TECH LATTE ART for this device.

Ripple Maker Red

Ripple Maker is a magical device that allows you add customization to any frothy drinks by PRINTING ANY IMAGE (Ripples) you want on the frothy coffee so GET CREATIVE!

The entire process involves downloading the app, choosing, customizing, then sending the image.


For convenience, you could send your Ripples to us from ANYWHERE in Manitoba as we are the ONLY location with this machine. Ripples disappear within 30 minutes so be on your way and give us your Ripples number when placing your order. 

Tips for the best Ripples:

  • Fill the circle with your target image

  • Reduce grey to black and white if possible

  • High contrast images

  • Send your Ripples ahead of time

  • Ripples disappear within 30 minutes

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